To stop the vulnerable from being vulnerable again.

Our Training Centre is set up specifically to support survivors of Sex Trafficking. With Trauma Informed Care woven throughout, our staff provide a safe environment for trainees to learn, be healed and be free.

Our trainees are a part of every piece made....and every piece made helps provide hope and opportunity to young women who we believe are more than worthy of it!

Our Trainers

Meet Lalita and Krishna, our Vocational Trainers. They are only 2 staff members in the amazing team we have, who work together to support our Trainees.

Lalita (Head Trainer)

This lady is a whiz on the sewing machine! With her “everything is possible” attitude, Lalita has been instrumental in helping establish and create the foundations for what we do today. She is our leading vocational trainer, with a mission to see these young women reach their potential. One thing for sure we know she doesn’t like….Vegemite!


Krishna is the Mumma Bear around the place. With 3 children of her own, she knows how to take someone under her wing & provide a gentle touch. With a feisty side also, it’s this combo that gives her a passion to always do her best. Krishna works alongside Lalita in supporting and training the young women coming through. You could hug her all day!

Our Trainees

Here we want you to meet some of our very special ladies! Those who have made your Offspring product from start to finish, pouring so much love into every single piece. Our Trainees have all been through hardships no one should endure…kidnapped, sold, tricked or forced into sexual exploitation. However, now, they find hope! Their personalities shine through as they begin to find meaning and purpose again.


Trafficked at 5 years old from Mumbai into Kolkata, Kashi was forced into domestic servitude before being sold into sexual exploitation. Rescued at 13, she is now thriving in our Training Centre & Midway Home. Kashi's passion is to educate people about Trafficking so that no one else goes through the trauma she has experienced. She also says that one day she's going to be the boss of Offspring!!


Forced into sexual exploitation at a private premises by her mother and stepfather, Mahi was rescued at the age of 15. Shy but determined, Mahi is the best sewer in the centre! She is amazing at helping lead the trainee group with confidence and enjoys teaching and training her juniors.


Tragically, Afreen lost both her parents at a very young age. Trapped in vulnerability, she was sold into sexual exploitation by a relative at the age of 16. Her strength and boldness helped her escape from her traffickers, where she returned home. This beautiful young lady is a pillar of strength, with a smile that is infectious and helps brighten up a dull day. Her mischievous attitude also brings us a lot of joy.


Growing up in an abusive and alcoholic home, Sheena ran away at the age of 9 years old. Experiencing horrific trauma, she was rescued by Child Line and has spent the majority of her life in a Government Shelter Home. At first, Sheena may seem quiet, but when you get her going, she’ll be busting moves to her favourite Bollywood music in no time.


Pinky grew up in a brothel witnessing her mother and sister in the trade. Being sexually exploited and also married off at a very young age, her smart wit and bravery helped her escape. Pinky takes pride in each Offspring product she makes and is certainly our fastest blanket stitcher. Although shy to speak in English, she has certainly been a standout in our English classes.


Running away from an abusive home at the age of 15, Hema found herself then mingling with the wrong crowd. Trafficked and forced into sexual exploitation, she felt betrayed and lonely. Rescued and now training with us, Hema is the loudest and liveliest of the bunch…loving any kind of healthy competition (sometimes maybe a bit too much!).


Lend a helping hand

We have the privilege of being a part of these young women’s restoration and reintegration back into community life.