Passionate about people and the planet?

So are we! Our ‘fair trade’ and ‘sustainability’ journey is exactly that…a journey. We always want to be transparent about our progress in that journey, so you can make educated choices about where your money goes; whether that be in donations, or through purchasing an Offspring product.

We don’t produce enough product (yet!) to make external fair trade or sustainability certifications financially viable, however that doesn’t mean we are not doing it. Read about how we are practicing the principles of fair trade & sustainability and reducing our environmental impact. 

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Our People

We are a family, who journey together through the highs and lows of our trainees’ fight for a brighter future. We work hard to create an encouraging and supportive environment where the healing begins, and every individual is valued. We value diversity and recognise that each member of the Offspring family has a different story, personality and skill set. According to this, we set individualised goals with each person, acknowledging strengths while fostering growth in other areas. We have an amazing team and love nothing more than to see them thrive!

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Our Product

We choose the materials that go into our products carefully, based on ethical supply, functionality, design and durability. Although most of our product materials and components are ethically sourced and fairly traded, we are still trying to find ways to replace some smaller pieces with alternatives (sometimes this really isn’t easy). We are committed to this process because we want to see people set free from the effects of slavery, not just in our Vocational Training Centre in Kolkata, but in every part of our supply chain. 

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Our Practices

We know that social and environmental responsibility are inextricably linked. When we look after our planet, our people also benefit. We work hard on reducing our environmental impact, and some of the ways in which we do this are; using recycled and organic materials, transporting products from our Training Centre to the customer without plastic wrapping, using predominantly foot powered machines, and finding innovative ways to use our fabric offcuts (nothing goes to waste). Just a few of the many ways we are being conscious of our beautiful environment.

Transparency with our staff, trainees, donors & customers is at the forefront of how we operate. Please get in contact with us if you would like to know more….we love talking about it!

Our Makers

Why we do what we do